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Zinke/Trump stay of methane rule threatens communities’ pocketbooks and health

November 2, 2017 • Earthworks
Washington, D.C., Oct 4 – In tomorrow’s Federal Register the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management will announce a one-year stay on the implementation of the BLM’s rule to cut methane from oil and gas production on federally managed public lands. In response,… More »
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Federal Appeals Court orders EPA to reinstate methane pollution rule

August 1, 2017

“Again a court has told Scott Pruitt's EPA that he can't wave away the rule of law just because his oil and gas industry cronies find it inconvenient."


Holding the Line: Taking the EPA to Court Over Methane

July 26, 2017 • Sarah Anderson

The CAA passed in 1970 with the purpose of making air breathable again. Today, we’ve made a lot of progress, but we still have a long way to go. Methane severely affects the health of community members surrounding oil and gas extraction sites. The leaking emissions smell terrible and have severe health consequences, especially in children.  Children in oil and gas extraction areas suffer from high rates of asthma and other chronic problems. Communities deserve the protections that the CAA intended to give when it was enacted.


Diverse voices speak out against delay of methane pollution rule

July 11, 2017 • Lexi Lehman

On Monday, more than 150 speakers testified before the Environmental Protection Agency at a public hearing concerning the proposed two-year delay of implementing the methane pollution rule.

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Hundreds of thousands threatened by Pruitt’s proposal to block EPA oil & gas methane safeguards

July 10, 2017 • Earthworks and Clean Air Task Force

Washington, D.C., July 10th –On the same day the Environmental Protection Agency takes public comment on Administrator Scott Pruitt’s proposal to stay for 2 years the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) to limit oil and gas methane pollution, a new analysis shows more than 203,000 Americans, including more than 51,000 children, live within ½ mile of the more than 18,000 oil and gas facilities affected by the Pruitt’s proposal. Peer-reviewed science has found that harmful air pollution from oil and gas and negative health effects are significantly correlatedwith proximity to oil and gas industry sites, such as wells and compressor stations.

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DC Circuit Court Rules in Favor of Protecting the Environment and Public Health with Decision overturning Pruitt EPA Methane Rule Stay

July 3, 2017 • Earthworks and Clean Air Task Force

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit today reinstated EPA’s oil and gas methane pollution standards that the Agency had suspended since early June.  These standards provide Americans living near new oil and gas development much-needed protections from pollution caused by the industry.  The three-judge panel agreed with environmental and public health groups’ claims, acting on the groups’ emergency motion.  The majority found the stay to be unlawful and voted 2-1 to reinstate the rule, stating that EPA had no authority to issue the original stay.

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TXGN Releases New Report Detailing Impacts of Oil & Gas Pollution on Children, Families in Texas

June 20, 2017 • Texas Grassroots Network

Today, the Texas Grassroots Network (TXGN), released a new report titled "Oil & Gas Pollution's Impacts on Texas Families” which outlines how oil and gas development in Texas has exacerbated air pollution and public health issues, like asthma and other respiratory illnesses. The report tells the stories of three Texans, including a four-year- old boy, whose health has deteriorated as a result of harmful air pollution from oil and gas activities. 

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Trump Administration attacks clean, breathable air

June 14, 2017 • Earthworks

Washington, D.C. – Announcements this week from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will delay Obama-era methane pollution rules. The rules aimed to limit methane pollution from oil and gas facilities.