Reform Governments


Earthworks is working hard on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures to advocate for policies that have real, on-the-ground impacts for communities, air and water resources.

The Halliburton loophole in the Safe Drinking Water Act allows drillers to hide their fracking toxics from the public.  We're working to pass the "Frack Pack", to close loopholes and make sure that drinking water is protected no matter where you live.

The archaic 1872 Mining Law leaves taxpayers at risk and puts profits before people and treasured places. Earthworks is a leading expert on 1872 reform, working to protect land, water and communities.

Too often, resource extractors devalue everything long-term in favor of the next quarterly report. Earthworks’ goal is to give communities and the environment a louder voice in laws and regulations to ensure that people, not profits, guide our policies.  .  

Earthworks initiatives to reform governments

Superfund: Making Polluters Pay

Superfund: Making Polluters Pay

Polluters are required to have adequate funds in place for clean-up, but EPA has failed to issue rules to implement financial assurance.

Mining Reform

Mining Reform

The 1872 Mining Law has left a legacy of poisoned communities and taxpayer cleanups. We're working to reform it.

Oil & Gas Accountability Project

Oil & Gas Accountability Project

OGAP champions drilling impacted communities in their fights with too-often unresponsive governments (and corporations).

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