Press Statement of Earthworks Executive Director Jennifer Krill regarding Anglo American’s Withdrawal from the Pebble Mine Proposal


September 16, 2013

Mining corporation Anglo American announced on Monday it has canceled its investment in the Pebble copper-mine project in Bristol Bay, Alaska, dealing a major blow to a proposal to exploit a vast swath of American wilderness that is home to the world’s largest remaining wild salmon fishery.

"We commend Anglo American (AAL) for making good on its promise not to build the mine in the face of overwhelming community opposition. In Bristol Bay, Native Alaskans, commercial and recreational fishermen and scientists agree: the Pebble Mine would be devastating.

With Anglo American’s departure, the project falls to remaining partner Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NDM), a Canadian junior exploration company.

In light of a major multinational mining corporation pulling out of Pebble Mine due to its risks, Earthworks urges the EPA and Administrator McCarthy to use their legal authority under the Clean Water Act to halt development of the mine. According to the EPA’s own scientific assessment, development of the mine would destroy more than 90 miles of salmon spawning streams, thousands of acres of wetlands, and the livelihoods that depend on these vital natural resources.

The science is clear, and the community opposition is strong.  Anglo American has done the right thing by rejecting the Pebble Mine. The EPA must do so too.”

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