New analysis finds 2.9 million children threatened by toxic air pollution from oil & gas development

Earthworks and Mom's Clean Air Force

September 27, 2017


Washington, D.C., Sept 27, 2017 -- A new analysis of state & federal data shows 2.9 million children enrolled in schools & daycares across the country are threatened by oil and gas air pollution. Released by the national environmental group Earthworks, this new analysis is part of a larger update to, a map-based suite of tools designed to inform and mobilize Americans about the health risks from the oil and gas industry’s toxic air pollution.

The Obama-era Environmental Protection Agency and Interior Department issued rules to limit this type of oil and gas pollution. The Trump Administration is now trying to block and revoke these rules before they go into effect.

"My two sons are among the millions of children who go to school near oil and gas operations that threatens their health and safety,” said Patrice Tomcik, National Oil and Gas Program Coordinator with Moms Clean Air Force, from Southwest Pennsylvania. She continued, “Children are especially vulnerable to these threats, including cancer, respiratory illness, fetal defects, blood disorders, and neurological problems. With so many children living, playing, and learning in close proximity to oil and gas production, it is unconscionable that our federal government wants to stall and revoke safeguards that protect our children from this industrial pollution. Moms want to see these vital safeguards implemented, not ignored." maps the nation’s 1.3 million active oil and gas wells, compressors and processors. Using peer-reviewed research into the health impacts attributed to oil and gas air pollution, the map conservatively draws a ½ mile health threat radius around each facility. Within that total area are:

The searchable map also allows users to:

“The Trump Administration has at least 2.9 million reasons to support stronger safeguards against toxic oil and gas air pollution,” said Earthworks Policy Director Lauren Pagel. She continued, “Instead, EPA Administrator Pruitt and Interior Secretary Zinke are hell bent on eliminating them altogether.”

Peer-reviewed science indicates that living within a ½ mile of these production facilities is clearly correlated with negative health impacts including cancer, respiratory illness, fetal defects, blood disorders, and neurological problems.

Most Threatened States

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