Colleyville residents claim independent study shows fracking emissions dangerous, city refutes

"One site where the levels were highest was 1700 feet away, so that is beyond the setback and important for public safety."

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April 24, 2012
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Trevor Matheson did his homework when he moved from one end of affluent Southlake to the border of Colleyville, where he thought he was escaping urban drilling.

"We didn't want to live near a well," Matheson said.

But, Matheson says even with the move he didn't avoid drilling. A mile away on a Colleyville pad site, Matheson says some of his neighbors may have found poisons in the emissions.

"Is is concerning."

A group of Colleyville and Southlake residents, independnetly-funded air testing at a Titan site on Pleasan Run Road, which has recently undergone fracking and flowback operations. Residents say test results show elevated levels of known and suspected neurotoxins and ccitarcinogens, beyond what is considered safe. Supporters say the residents felt they needed to take the testing step because they had no where else to turn.

"They pooled their resources and decided who would set out the cannisters to collect the samples." Sharson Wilson, Executive Director of Earthworks, said.

Wilson, who helped spearhead the testing says some of the test results were collected from what is often considered the safety zone.

"One site where the levels were highest was 1700 feet away, so that is beyond the setback. I think that is very important for public safety."

Colleyville city officials say the site was monitored around the clock during operations and nothing unusual was detected.

"They have the right to be concerned, but the data they collected doesn't show any health risk beyond the norm," Kenneth Tramm, city inspector, said.

Tramm questions how the residents daa was collected and says it doesn't reflect anything above normal, everyday encounters.

"Operating weed wackers and traffic, those are all emissions. We certainly don't want to add to that with a pad site, so this will be monitoed."

Texas Commission Enviornmental Equality officials wouldn't comment on the residents study, citing a lack of knowledge about how it was conduced. State officials say they have not received any complaints about the site.

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