Colleyville residents brace for “fracking” of gas wells

It is not a question of if the people in those (Colleyville) neighborhoods will be exposed, it is a question of when.

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January 16, 2012
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COLLEYVILLE, TX—Two women picked up pecans outside the site where seven natural gas wells are located in Colleyville, but it is the fracking that may soon be going on inside the facility that has some local residents concerned. Titan Operating has plans to begin fracking the wells, rather than waiting for a pipeline connection to be built to carry the gas away, even though residents say that was not the original plan.

"We thought it was just an exploration thing and the fracking wouldn't start until they put a line in to take the gas away," Colleyville resident, Edward Mitchell said.

Mitchell lives along Pleasant Run Road where the fracking is scheduled to begin later this month. He says he is worried about safety and possible emissions from the controversial process.

"The safety does worry me because I have a daughter."

The hydraulic fracturing process involves pumping water under high pressure into the well to crack the shale and release the trapped gas. Critics will argue the process is tied to everything from groundwater contamination to air pollution, including the release of toxic emissions.

"It is not a question of if the people in those (Colleyville) neighborhoods will be exposed, it is a question of when and how high the levels will be," Sharon Wilson, founder of Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Project, said.

Wilson, who writes a blog critical of the gas industry says recent fracking in Flower Mound and Arlington led to dozens of health complaints.

"People complained of burning eyes, headaches, sinus irritation and other issues. These emissions travel far out into our neighborhoods."

In reports, officials with Titan have said that if there is incinerating to remove fracking chemicals it will be done as safely as possible, but residents still hope for a pipeline. The Colleyville city council will discuss the issue Tuesday. City officials would not comment further

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