Azle resident taking earthquake concerns to Austin

Fox News | Chelsea Kretz

January 20, 2014
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Azle residents are taking their concerns about all the recent earthquakes to lawmakers in Austin.

There have been 30 earthquakes since November 1st. Most are centered around the Azle area, northwest of Fort Worth.

Barbara Brown of Azle showed us what she claims is earthquake damage. She has cracks in her house, and growing sinkholes in her back yard. Brown said she's never had a sinkhole until now.

Cracks have also popped up at Reno City Hall. Mayor Lynda Stokes and many others believe gas drilling and fracking may be connected to the quakes.

Seismologists are trying to determine if that's true.

There's a public hearing on the issue in Austin on Tuesday. A group calling itself the "Azle Area Quakers" is going to the Railroad Commission to ask legislators to shut down some injection wells in the area until the study is complete.

"We've known for decades that injection can cause earthquakes so the people here that are being affected by this want the injection to stop so their homes will stop being damaged," said Sharon Wilson, Texas organizer for EARTHWORKS, Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project.

"I want to let them know I have a lot of damage. I want to let them know exactly what my story is and I want them to know that we're not going to go away," said Barbara Brown.

A group representing the oil and gas industry says there have not been any definitive studies that link fracking and earthquakes.

The Azle Area Quakers are leaving from the Walmart parking lot Tuesday morning at 5:00 and will spend the day with lawmakers and the Railroad Commission in Austin.

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