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This information hub describes key types of oil and gas infrastructure being developed today:

Each section has an overview and links for further reading. The hub is a living document, and we welcome your contributions and feedback. Have something to add? Send us an email at info [at]

What is infrastructure?

Concerns over fracking spread far beyond well pad and gas or oil production.  After gas or oil is brought to the surface, the industry needs a variety of equipment and facilities to process, transport, and deliver both oil and gas and their spin-off products from production areas to markets.

Cycle of pollution

Taken together, all this infrastructure can have wide-ranging impacts on communities and the environment.

We now face a vicious cycle: just like more oil and gas production spurs associated infrastructure, the build-out encourages more oil and gas production to keep supplying all the new equipment and facilities.

Over time, this cycle will result in significant impacts on the environment and global climate. Communities living with pipelines, compressor stations, gas-to-liquids plants, and much more are already experiencing related problems with their air, water, health, and quality of life. A vast network of infrastructure will also lock us into additional decades of oil and gas dependence—making the necessary transition to clean, renewable energy slower and harder.

It’s no wonder that the debate over and movement against fracking now includes infrastructure. Residents, activists, advocates, policymakers, and the media in many different locations are asking the same questions about the build out. Earthworks hopes this information hub will help answer them. 

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