Idaho’s Frank Church WildernessLawsuit helps protect Idaho Wilderness from needlessly destructive mining
Finding DoryDory's home is threatened by toxic mine waste, take action!
Oil and Gas Threat MapNew map allows you to see if you live in the oil and gas threat zone
Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness Finding Dory Oil and Gas Threat Map

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NASA Study Confirms Oil and Gas Pollution

In a follow up report to NASA's 2014 study that found a methane hotspot looming over the Four Corners region, NASA's new study points a finger at oil and gas production. Of the 25 worst point sources contributing to the hotspot, 24 were oil and gas related.

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Credit where its due: when media want to balance truth re #oilandgas with industry opinion, they go to @saeverley…
But the real #fracking apologist is @saeverley. "The rise & fall of the frack master" By @daltonlaferney… @TXsharon

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