Why we’re telling the Responsible Jewellery Council to clean up or shut down

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By Shreema Mehta

July 28, 2015


Illegal gold mining has ravaged the Amazon rainforest. Recent investigations have linked gold mined in regions like above to companies certified as "responsible" by the industry trade organization RJC. Photo credit: New Yorker

Last week, we blogged about a Peruvian news investigation that linked American and European companies to illegal and destructive gold mining in the Amazon rainforest.

We discovered that two of these companies, Metalor and Italpreziosi, are certified as “responsible” by the Responsible Jewellery Council, an industry group that claims to evaluate and certify responsible supply chains for the jewelry industry. But its industry-centered approach, which excludes civil society and affected communities from decision-making, has made it a weak system riddled with problems.

Metalor and Italpreziosi are certified as “responsible” by the RJC. Yet the recently published report from OjoPúblico paints a disturbingly more complicated picture. Reporters traced some of the dirtiest gold  — illegally extracted, mercury processed gold from the Amazon — to these two companies, among several others.

Now, we’re calling on the RJC’to clean up its act by:

We hope you’ll join us in telling the RJC’s new CEO Andrew Bone to take immediate steps to stop greenwashing dirty gold.

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