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By Hilary Lewis

November 19, 2012


Click here to vote for Earthworks on the 2012 Credo Ballot

Earthworks is on the Credo Donation Ballot in 2012!

Each year, Credo asks its members to vote for their favorite charities, and they make donations based on every vote cast.

Credo is many things to many people. For some it is a credit card, others a mobile phone service, and for many a way to take action on important progressive issues throughout the year.

But what if I'm not a Credo member!

It's easy and free to join Credo and cast your ballot. If you don't have a Working Assets credit card or Credo Mobile account you can join Credo by taking action. Credo has a bunch of live petitions where you can add you voice to a cause you care about.

Once you've taken action and joined Credo you can cast your vote.

Casting you vote doesn't cost a cent. Credo rewards its members with points that translate into votes - Credo makes the donations.

Thank you for voting for Earthworks in 2012!

-- We're Earthworks and we approve this message --

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