Tales from the Barnett Shale: the Ruggiero's story

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By Alan Septoff

February 4, 2010

TXSharon over at Bluedaze just posted a series of aerial photos showing how one family, the Ruggieros, has been impacted by irresponsible gas drilling.

Since the day Aruba Petroleum invaded the Ruggieros, they have been subjected to overpowering diesel fumes, destruction of their property, a drilling waste spill, noise, another drilling waste spill, fugitive emission fumes, endless lies and much more.

Currently, the emissions from Aruba's wells are constantly pumping horrible smelling gas into the air. Christine suffers from headaches and blurry vision. Nine year-old Reilly sometimes feels as if she can't inhale fully. Tim has headaches, numbness in his extremities and sometimes looses his balance.

Photo credit: Tim Ruggiero

In the above picture (many more @Bluedaze) the Ruggiero's place is on the left near the top with the Aruba well to the left of their house. Across the pond is their neighbor's home where Aruba placed the well right in the front yard. To the left of the neighbor's well is another well. The Ruggieros are surrounded.

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