Romania Votes “No” on Rosia Montana Open-Pit Mine

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By Payal Sampat

November 12, 2013


Good news: The Romanian parliament rejected the proposed Rosia Montana open-pit gold mine on Monday, after months of protests on the streets of Bucharest and around the world.

As we've blogged about before, this mine proposal epitomizes “dirty gold” for many reasons, including:

Though this "no" vote is good news, the struggle to block this proposed mine is not yet over. The Parliament will now draft new legislation to determine the project’s fate. Meanwhile, the mining company, Gabriel Resources, is rattling its sabers and threatening action against Romania.

Still, the rejection of this huge proposed mine reflects a public tired of open-pit, irresponsible gold mining operations and their impacts on waterways, health and livelihoods.

For more information:

Alburnus Major: Community organization leading fight against mine
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Take a stand against Dirty Gold mining, sign the No Dirty Gold Pledge!

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