OMG iPhone 5!

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By Hilary Lewis

October 17, 2012


It's so new and shiny! Buy me one?

Wow. The iPhone 5 is the greatest phone in the history of the world - 50 million people agree!

As it turns out, there were many phones before the iPhone 5, and let’s face it, they’re all old news now.

But what to do with my old phone!?

Luckily, right after the iPhone 5 hit stores, Earthworks’ Recycle My Cell Phone launched our new website. It’s full of new features that I know you’re going to love. Like a built in money printing device that doubles as a sofa that serves milkshakes.

But really, it has cool features too, so please check it out.

So don’t trash you’re old phone as you race down the street to your nearest Apple store, send it our way.

We’ve partnered with MPC, a responsible electronic waste recycling company that meets the highest environmental and personal data security standards so you can feel good about sending your phone to us.

In fact, recovering the gold, silver, palladium and copper found in the 50 million iPhone 5s projected to enter pockets and purses by the end of the year would reduce the demand for newly mined metals by nearly 14 tons, eliminating 20 million tonnes of mining waste.

So please, do the Earth a solid and check out our new site here!

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