How to increase your influence in a Trump administration

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By Lauren Pagel

February 13, 2017

On Friday, I hosted our first webinar for Earthworks' members who want to increase their influence over both politicians and political decisions, and regulations. You can see a recording of my presentation here:

Here's the upshot:

What's at stake?

Good news

There is some good news: you, and the filibuster.

Make 3 phone calls a day

Call your representatives every day. There is so much going on. It doesn’t matter if your Congressperson is always on your side or cannot be swayed, they tally up the number of calls and it's making the news. Call. Rotate between district and DC offices. Give them your name and address first so they know you’re a constituent. Make it personal. Concise, but personal.

If you don't know who your representatives are or how to reach them find out here.

Other, slightly harder, ways to increase your influence

Real news and real facts are still important

Read your local paper and send letters to the editor. Representatives and Senators read them and sometimes seeks out the author for their perspective. Union of Concerned Scientists has tips on how to write a good LTE.

What you can and should do right now

There are two important issues you should call your Senators about today: the bill to roll back the new Bureau of Land Management methane pollution rule and the nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for Secretary of the EPA.

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