Greeting cards, temporary tattoos and fracking, oh my!

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By Hilary Lewis

May 17, 2012


Check out our awesome matching tattoos!

Thanks to our friends at Smock Paper we are now the sole beneficiaries of a new Change the World greeting card. Not only is it a beautiful card for any occasion, but 100% of the profits from your purchase go towards our campaign against fracking.

Think this is great news? It gets better.

When you purchase this set of six hand-pressed cards you will also receive a "Gas and Water Don't Mix" temporary tattoo!

Now, some of us like to send letters, but LOVE to wear temporary tattoos. Don't worry, we have you covered. For a small donation we'll send you extra (or exclusively) tattoos! Just visit our tattoo page and select how many you want.

Once you've donned your swanky new tat, take a picture and upload it to our Tumblr, Gas and Water Don't Mix. There you can share your personal story about why you care about fracking and read stories from like-minded fractivists from across the country.

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