Another violation of trust. Two PA fracking spills of who knows what.

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By Alan Septoff

September 18, 2009

More proof that the FRAC Act is, contrary to industry claims, quite necessary.


From Greater Binghamton

"The spill occurred Wednesday at the Heitsman Well and flowed into Stevens Creek and a nearby wetland. Cabot operates the well and dozens of others in the area. Contractors working at the site during the spill included Halliburton and Baker Tanks, Cabot spokesman Ken Komorowski said."

"Neither [the state DEP] nor Komorowski could identify the chemical composition of the material as of Thursday. It's used as a lubricant to reduce resistance of chemical solutions pumped under high pressure to fracture bedrock and release gas, Komorowski said."

"The agent was released in two separate spills related to equipment failure or human error."

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