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California Comes out of the Fracking Closet

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By Jennifer Krill

September 12, 2013

Senator Fran Pavley’s (D – Agoura Hills) bill to regulate fracking and acidizing for oil and gas passed the California Assembly by a vote of 47-17 yesterday. Earthworks had initially supported SB 4, but we withdrew our support after the bill was weakened at the last minute by the oil and gas industry and California’s surprisingly pro-drilling Governor Jerry Brown, just days before it came to a floor vote.

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The California Coastal Commission launches an investigation of offshore fracking

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By Jennifer Krill

August 19, 2013

We know that fracking is a risky process on dry land. Fracking produces toxic wastewater, risks groundwater and surface land and water contamination, and that companies refuse to disclose the chemicals used in the fracking process or composition of wastewater. Offshore, the potential for things to go wrong are even higher - any failure, spill or well blowout would immediately result in pollution in coastal waters.

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