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An unfortunate lesson in insensitivity

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By Jennifer Krill

January 29, 2014

Last weekend, we carelessly posted an image on Twitter that promoted classism and transphobia. It was wrong for us to have posted this image, and we apologize to our community.

We want to say a little bit of background about how this happened, because we think that there is little point in learning a lesson if you can't articulate the lesson you learned.

We are writing this post for public consumption, because the initial offensive image was posted publicly.

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State of the Union: On clean energy & climate change, President Obama is his own worst enemy

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By Jennifer Krill

January 28, 2014

As President Obama prepares to deliver his State of the Union address, he must explain why his administration’s policies on clean energy, climate and environmental goals have not lived up to his own standards. The President declares it is his policy to:

“Build the foundation for a clean energy economy, tackle the issue of climate change, and protect our environment.”

But his actions speak otherwise. In doing so, he is ignoring his own administration’s best available science on energy and the environment.

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