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Not the Way to Go, Ohio

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By Nadia Steinzor

July 31, 2015

Every road trip needs a good theme song. A recent excursion for Earthworks’ Citizens Empowerment Project brought The Pretenders to mind:

I went back to Ohio, but my pretty countryside 

Had been paved down the middle, by a government that had no pride

The farms of Ohio has been replaced by shopping malls

Said A, O, Oh way to go Ohio…

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If it walks and talks like a duck…Time to stop NY frack waste!

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By Nadia Steinzor

June 3, 2015

For several years, New York made headlines by continuing to delay (and delay…) the decision whether to allow shale gas development. Then the state made history last December by saying no because the risks to health and the environment were too great. 

Yet it’s impossible to escape the reach of the national shale gas and oil boom. Even with a prohibition on production, New York has to wrestle with a growing stream of waste coming across state borders (as well as an expanding spider web of infrastructure and oil trains). 

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