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Prescription for the gas patch: protect first, drill later

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By Nadia Steinzor

October 5, 2012

No matter how much our world changes, one saying reminds every generation about what matters: “If you have your health, you have everything.” Which is why for so many people living in the nation’s oil and gas patches, so much is at stake when air and water quality decline and a mix of symptoms set in.

Reports of health problems from these communities keep increasing—alongside the wells drilled, impoundment pits, and equipment like compressor stations. There’s a big timing mismatch underway, with the pace of oil and gas activities far outstripping the science, regulations, and policies needed to safeguard communities and the environment.

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Rally at the Rotunda: PA residents gather to defend local rights

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By Nadia Steinzor

October 3, 2012

It’s practically become a tradition: organizations and citizens gather at the State Capitol in Harrisburg to decry actions taken by elected officials who seem more interested in doing the gas industry’s bidding than what’s right for communities and the environment.

At yesterday’s rally, participants demanded that the legislature revoke Act 13, which gutted local zoning rights over oil and gas operations and would allow facilities even in residential and agricultural areas. When it passed last February, Earthworks and our allies quickly denounced it as another big gas giveaway. As predicted, the backlash was swift and strong—culminating in a lawsuit brought by Delaware Riverkeeper Network and several municipalities that was largely upheld by the state Commonwealth Court (a state Supreme Court ruling is expected this fall).

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