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Fantasy land at the PA legislature

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By Nadia Steinzor

June 14, 2016

Once upon a time, Pennsylvania was a place where change seemed possible. New protections for air, water, and health were on the horizon and the hurdles to reach them were being surmounted. 

But then the dark forces of denial and industry influence came sweeping in. Now Pennsylvania is plagued with an assault on environmental protections and clean energy. 

This comes in the form of very bad bills that would derail much needed upgrades to oil and gas regulations, allow large industries to opt out of energy efficiency requirements, and delay air emission reductions. Legislators even want to give themselves more power to block health, safety, and environmental regulations. 

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The Trojan Horse departure of PA’s environment secretary

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By Nadia Steinzor

May 26, 2016

Late last week, John Quigley, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, abruptly resigned. News reports pointed to a controversial email in which Mr. Quigley angrily demanded that environmental groups more boldly defend proposed oil and gas regulations.

It didn’t take long for some legislators to accuse Mr. Quigley of governmental impropriety. In the meantime, the email controversy continues to generate media stories.

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