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How to Drill Right: Our new Montana model county oil & gas regs

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By Jennifer Goldman

August 30, 2010

Photo: Rocky Mountain Front near Browning, MT
Credit: Gwen Lachelt/EARTHWORKS

We've worked with a number of county and municipal governments in a variety of states to enact or improve their oil and gas regulations.

While local governments are sometimes limited in what aspects of oil and gas development they can regulate, local regulations can significantly mitigate property, nuisance, public health and environmental impacts.

To provide guidance on what counties can and cannot regulate in Montana, we have prepared a model for county regulations in the state.

Please contact us with questions, ideas or consultation regarding local regulations in your areas.

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Community Survey Reveals Health Impacts in Pavillion, WY Gas-field

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By Jennifer Goldman

August 19, 2010

Those of living in gas-patch communities, like in DISH, TX, have had the burden to show regulators that their water is contaminated -- that dirty gas development is making us sick from polluted water, air and soil.

With a new survey released today, the landowners, public interest groups and scientists involved in Pavillion, Wyoming, are doing just that and calling on our public health agencies to step up and put people s health before corporate profit.

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