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It Sucks To Be The Example

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By Calvin Tillman

April 25, 2013

While boarding my flight at DFW to the Gasland 2 premiere in New York City, I can not help but reflect on the last eight years, and how it came to be that I would be a part of a film that would make such a huge impact around the world.  How is it that a small town boy from Oklahoma, a welder's son, would be invited to a movie premiere in the big apple?

I reflect further back to my roots of growing up in a small Oklahoma oil boom town, and the strange journey that my life has taken after graduating from the Oilton, OK High School.  My mind drifts back to my childhood and helping my father, who would work on the oil well pump jacks for extra money, which became some of my earliest memories.  How did I go from growing up in an oil field to becoming one of the oil and gas industry's largest critics?

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