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By Gwen Lachelt

May 17, 2012

Over the last four days, the oil and gas industry (New Mexico Oil & Gas Association) has presented experts to prove to the state of New Mexico that the Pit Rule is unnecessary.

One expert blathered on yesterday for 8 hours without presenting technical information or modeling demonstrating that pits do or don’t pollute. But when a member of the public presented his testimony on why New Mexico needs to keep the Pit Rule to ensure responsible development, he was cut off when a buzzer rang. Testimony from members of the public is limited to a mere 5 minutes.

I have been asked to summarize the oil and gas industry’s expert testimony since Monday so here goes:

“Toxic drilling pits just don’t pollute (even with torn liners), just trust us on that, so give us a green light to bury our drilling and fracking wastes anywhere we want.”

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Lawless in Santa Fe

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By Gwen Lachelt

May 15, 2012

The picture is now clear.

The oil and gas industry is getting away with developing new rules for shale oil and gas development by amending the Pit Rule.

However, in a strange twist, Jami Bailey, the chair of New Mexico's oil and gas oversight agency, would not admit the 8,000 pages of testimony and exhibits put forward in the 17-day hearing held in 2007 to develop the Pit Rule. She claims this is a whole new rule. Industry claims they are simply amending the Pit Rule. How can they have it both ways? The travesty is unfolding this week in Santa Fe.

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