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115th Congress Takes a Hatchet to Obama’s Rules

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By Aaron Mintzes

February 3, 2017

Draining the swamp in Washington, D.C., the newly sworn in Congressional majority has wasted no time targeting critical Obama Administration rules designed to protect public health, the environment, foster transparency, and combat corruption. Using an obscure law called the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress can pass and the President can sign resolutions of disapproval that effectively undo the rules finalized during the latter days of the Obama era. Obscure, because, Congress has only once before successfully used this procedure- to undo a Department of Labor rule requiring ergonomic chairs in workplaces.

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Mining Company Misbehavior Among the Largest Investment Risks

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By Aaron Mintzes

September 20, 2016

Mining is risky business. Some major international mining companies have billions of dollars of investment at stake in their project portfolios. Last week, Ernst & Young (E&Y) released their annual Business Risks Facing Mining and Metals report. Topping this year’s list are concepts laden with financial jargon like cash optimization and capital access. Related listed challenges involve techniques for penny pinching or turning some money in to more money. Yet, E&Y’s report also reveals some of the greatest risks mining companies and their investors face having nothing to do with markets, commodity prices, or the boom and bust cycle. In fact, in any economy, these major risks are completely avoidable.

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