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Did this Range Resources VP lie under oath

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By Sharon Wilson

March 25, 2013

Back in the Dark Ages, I took Legal and Social Issues in Business at Texas Christian University. I consistently received the highest grades in the class, wrecked the curve and got an A. I dig that stuff. Then I got pregnant with my first son, which kept me out of night school for a long time.

Much later, I was certified to serve as a court appointed mediator a fact that seemed to bewilder Andy Sims, attorney for Range Resources, who deposed me. He clearly did not believe me so I am providing a photo.

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No exaggeration, Promised Land is just the beginning.

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By Sharon Wilson

January 2, 2013

The new Matt Damon movie, Promised Land, has top-notch actors, great dialogue, beautiful scenery and a plot twist.

I’m thrilled that Hollywood and celebrities have arrived on the fracking scene. I’m grateful that in the process, they’ve shined a light on the fracking skullduggery practiced by many companies. 

But know this: Promised Land is far from an exaggeration.  Rather, the movie merely scratches the surface—just barely—of the predatory mafia-esque tactics used by the fracking industry. 

They could make a whole new movie, if they chose to include the full range of tactics that fracking companies employ, like threats, intimidation and military PSYOPS in our neighborhoods.  

How do I know? The frackers told me themselves.


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