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Fracking ‘soap’ is hazardous to your health

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By Sharon Wilson

December 5, 2013

This week residents in Mansfield, Texas were alarmed by a shower of foam that “shot back up the hole” of the too-close-to-their-homes EagleRidge Energy (EagleRidge) gas well. The foam hung in trees and covered their yards for hours.

EagleRidge said the foam was industrial soap used as a lubricant. Mansfield firefighters tested it and “found nothing toxic.” The residents should request MSDS sheets.

At least they didn’t say it was Dove Soap, as other fracking industry representatives have done.

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When government fails, people near fracking are left with few choices

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By Sharon Wilson

October 18, 2013

When fracking happens there are documented impacts to people and the environment:.

This pattern repeats itself all across the United States and the globe.

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