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Natural Gas: a "bridge" to where?

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By Bruce Baizel

May 23, 2011

Credit: xdmag
Credit: XDmag

Now, as the issues of shale gas and hydraulic fracturing have focused attention on this sector, significant questions have emerged about the practicality and desirability of using natural gas as a bridge fuel.

One of the most interesting of the recent analyses of these questions is a report by David Hughes.  He suggests that a convergence of interests between the natural gas industry looking to hype a new production prospect with investors, the energy policy establishment looking for a new energy source to support future economic growth and large environmental interests looking for a simple way to lower carbon emissions gave rise to the natural gas as bridge fuel mantra.

The most interesting part of his report is a close look at the production numbers for natural gas and an assessment of whether it is even possible for natural gas to serve as a bridge fuel.  His bottom line:  that the bridge fuel concept for natural gas represents wishful thinking and is not possible to achieve.

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EARTHWORKS participates in STRONGER: a sadly necessary attempt to strengthen drilling regs

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By Bruce Baizel

November 5, 2010

EARTHWORKS' Oil & Gas Accountability Project is taking part in STRONGER a worthwhile, but Rube Goldbergian attempt to patch holes in regulations governing hazardous waste produced by the oil and gas industry.

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