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No Dirty Gold activists hammer Costco s Facebook page

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By Nick Magel

May 25, 2011

On May 16,, in support of EARTHWORKS No Dirty Gold Campaign, released a multipronged social media action against Costco. redeveloped an online petition calling for Costco to sign onto the Golden Rules principles that has since garnered over 27,000 signatures. Accompanying the morning s petition blitz was a creative bomb of Costco s Facebook page, where responsible gold mining activists changed their profile pictures in order to spell out No Dirty Gold on Costco s Facebook homepage.


Costco often uses social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with its customers. This social medium is one of Costo s most public faces. Likewise, Costco customers actively use Costco s Facebook page to interact with the company they shop with. As Costco s customers visited the company s Facebook page that morning, many began to ask questions about all the No Dirty Gold messages that kept popping up. What s with all these gold posts? and why is Costco buying dirty gold? were some of the common questions that everyday shoppers began to ask the company. We hope Costco will answer their customers questions by signing on to the Golden Rules.


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Costco should say no to dirty gold

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By Nick Magel

May 18, 2011

CostcoCostco, one of the largest US retailers, is the kind of company that can transform the industry with its purchasing decisions. With that power comes a responsibility to provide its customers with products that come from ethical sources. This summer, tens of thousands of nervous grooms-to-be will be heading to Costco--, one of the top 10 jewelry retailers in the United States--to buy their gold wedding rings. What should they know about Costco s gold sourcing?

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