EPA’s Methane Pollution Air Rule Triggers Need to Review Existing Sources

By Aaron Mintzes

August 19, 2015

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a series of commonsense requirements designed to control the health-harming toxic air emissions from new and modified oil and gas sources. These steps will result in the industry utilizing more of their cost-effective technologies to capture leaks, flares, and other releases from wells, pipelines, and other gas infrastructure that contribute to climate change, increased asthma rates, smog, and other serious health concerns.

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New Fracking Air Pollution Rule Reduces Harmful Pollution

By Lauren Pagel

August 18, 2015

Today, the Obama administration released its proposed rule to limit air pollution from fracking and other oil and gas operations. The Methane Pollution Standard is the first limits on methane emissions from new and modified facilities including well pads, compressor station, storage facilities and other infrastructure

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Big Oil and Gas have Big Impacts to Health, Air, Water and Climate

By Tony Ingraffea

August 14, 2015

I was invited this week to offer my comments at a press conference on a study by CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization located in Arlington, VA on the expected impacts of shale gas development in the Delaware River Basin. This study was unique in that it looks across a broad range of impacts, uses a common basis of well and well pad influences, and derives projections based on actual past production data in the Marcellus and the key drivers of that production.

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Major Colorado mine waste spill highlights urgency for comprehensive mining law reform

By Pete Dronkers

August 11, 2015

Last Wednesday, the US experienced one of its worst mining-related disasters in decades, and it’s received a lot of attention both here in Colorado and nationally.  There’s been no shortage of name calling and blaming, but few seem to be speaking of the bigger picture: how can we learn from this and write policies and regulations that stop this from happening again? 

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Darkness in the Sunshine State

By Nadia Steinzor

August 10, 2015

First they dreamed of building a city, now they dream of drilling for oil. The Kanter family, aka real estate moguls of southern Florida, that is. And the location they have in mind is the acreage they own in the Everglades—a unique natural environment deemed globally significant because of its diverse wildlife, vegetation, and ecosystems.

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