Joining with the Apache to defend their land from mining

By Pete Dronkers

October 11, 2016

A few weeks ago, both Earthworks and the San Carlos Apache Tribe filed lawsuits challenging the US Forest Service’s choice to do an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the impacts of work needed to better characterize the publicly-owned lands on which Resolution Copper wants to dump 1.5 billion tons (no, that is not a typo – billions with a B) of mine waste over a half dozen square miles near the San Carlos Apache’s reservation, east of Phoenix, Arizona. The Forest Service chose an EA instead of a more thorough Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which considers the option of not building the dump.

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The Citizens Empowerment Project is now the Community Empowerment Project!

By Molly Dunton

October 3, 2016

For over 25 years, Earthworks has worked with frontline communities impacted by mining, drilling, and digging. Two and half years ago, we began using FLIR infrared technology to film and monitor emissions and leaks at oil and gas facilities around the country. In early 2016, these efforts became a formal part of Earthworks, known as the Citizens Empowerment Project (CEP). We opened our doors to concerned citizens everywhere, and began soliciting requests for the FLIR camera on our website.

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Mining Company Misbehavior Among the Largest Investment Risks

By Aaron Mintzes

September 20, 2016

Mining is risky business. Some major international mining companies have billions of dollars of investment at stake in their project portfolios. Last week, Ernst & Young (E&Y) released their annual Business Risks Facing Mining and Metals report. Topping this year’s list are concepts laden with financial jargon like cash optimization and capital access. Related listed challenges involve techniques for penny pinching or turning some money in to more money. Yet, E&Y’s report also reveals some of the greatest risks mining companies and their investors face having nothing to do with markets, commodity prices, or the boom and bust cycle. In fact, in any economy, these major risks are completely avoidable.

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No Dakota Access Pipeline

By Jennifer Krill

September 12, 2016

In an unprecedented joint statement, the US Departments of Army, Justice and Interior announced a halt to construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, just minutes after a federal judge ruled against the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

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Global Conservation Body Votes to Ban Marine Mine Waste Dumping

By Shreema Mehta

September 12, 2016

Mining companies move staggering amounts of earth to extract small quantities of minerals like gold and copper. Much of this waste is contaminated with heavy metals and chemicals used to extract metals from ore. Dealing with the resulting waste is a constant problem -- for the industry, environment and nearby communities.

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