Town Hall Meeting: Transform the TX Railroad Commission

By Sharon Wilson

July 25, 2016

Since HB40 took away our right to ban fracking at the local level Texans need new ways to protect our homes and families. Now more than ever, Texans need our regulators, the Texas Railroad Commission, to rein in the oil and gas industry and protect our basic rights. 

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International Seabed Authority: Protect Ocean Ecosystems

By Payal Sampat

July 25, 2016

Deep-sea mining sounds like something out of a science fiction novel – and indeed, the claims by companies hoping to extract metals from cobalt crusts, manganese nodules, and hydrothermal vents on deep sea beds do seem to have their basis in fiction more than fact. As yet, there are no viable deep-sea mining operations – but many companies and governments are hoping that will change.

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Mine Waste Dumping: Batu Hijau

By Shreema Mehta

July 22, 2016

Each year, mining companies operating throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific dump millions of tons of mine waste into oceans and rivers. Known by the industry as “tailings,” this muddy sludge is created during processing, when the desired mineral, such as gold, is chemically separated from the extracted ore.This is the first post in a series that highlight this worst of the worst practice --  — and the mining companies who continue to do it. For more information about the problem on a global scale, check out our infographic.

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Why IRMA’s Standard for Responsible Mining is a Big Deal

By Payal Sampat

July 19, 2016

The diverse organizations and sectors—labor unions, indigenous communities, NGOs, mining companies and downstream purchasers of minerals—that form the Steering Committee for the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) often get asked why we sit at this table across from other stakeholders with whom we don’t always see eye to eye. Given that we frequently see issues from very different perspectives, why do we choose to engage in this challenging, time-consuming work?

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Save Dory’s Home

By Shreema Mehta

July 5, 2016

You may be one of the millions of people who have seen Finding Dory.

In the movie, the spunky Dory is looking for her home. But what if that home is buried in toxic mine waste?

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