Thank your Senators!

Chaco flare

In a nailbiting 49-51 vote, the Senate failed to repeal the methane pollution rule we worked so hard to pass last year.

Thank your Senators who voted with us! If neither of your Senators voted with us you will be connected with Senator McCain.

Please call your Senator and thank them for OPPOSING using the Congressional Review Act to eliminate the BLM’s Natural Gas Waste Rule:

  • Tell them who you are and where you’re from (including your zip code)
  • Thank them for protecting the Bureau of Land Management’s Natural Gas Waste Rule
  • Remind them that 


  • Enter your information in the form on the right, then click Make the call!
  • You will receive a call connecting you to your Senator or Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
  • Answer the phone and wait a few seconds (about 4 seconds) for the recording to prompt you
  • Select one of your Senators to connect with if prompted
  • Use the suggestions above to make your voice heard!

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