Pavillion, Wyoming Health Survey

Since the development of oil and gas resources in Pavillion, Wyoming residents reported water, air and soil contamination, and health symptoms they attributed to the contamination. These health symptoms ranged from rashes and headaches to neurological disorders and cancers.

In August 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency publicly released data from their investigation of 39 drinking water wells in the Pavillion area. Eleven of those drinking water wells were significantly contaminated.

In 2010 OGAP and Powder River Basin Resource Council conducted a community based health survey in the area. The health information that was gathered was compared to known health effects of the chemicals that EPA reported were in the 11 contaminated wells.

Ninety-four percent of the surveyed participants reported health impacts associated with the contaminants identified by EPA in the area’s drinking water.

Eighty-one percent of participants reported respiratory health impacts. This indicated to the community that existing water contamination may be volatilizing in homes through activities such as showering, washing dishes or cleaning laundry, or that there was considerably more air contaminants from surrounding oil and gas facilities in the community than was initially suspected.

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EPA – Pavillion Groundwater Investigation

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