MT HB 483 Fact Sheet

MT HB 483 Fact Sheet
Deregulating Public Involvement in the Permitting Process

Published: March 25, 2009

By: Jennifer Goldman

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HB 483
Deregulating Public Involvement in the Permitting Process

HB 483 has one purpose and that is to place roadblocks in front of the public when it tries to protect itself and its right to a clean and healthful environment. In a nutshell the bill:

More specifically, the problems with HB 483 include the following:

Finally, this bill is simply unnecessary. The facts do NOT justify such a gross rollback of public health and environmental protections:

DEQ has issued 4,273 air and water permits in the last three years. Of the 12 that were appealed, nine were appealed by the permittee, and three by the public.

Provided by the Montana Environmental Information Center.
For more information, contact Anne Hedges at 461-9546.

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