Montana Model County Oil and Gas Regulations

Montana Model County Oil and Gas Regulations

Published: September 3, 2010

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From the introduction:

Local governments are sometimes limited in what aspects of oil and gas development they can regulate.

Yet OGAP continues to see local regulations significantly mitigate property, nuisance, public health and environmental impacts for communities living with oil and gas development.

To help provide some guidance on what counties can and cannot regulate, we have prepared the enclosed model county regulations for Montana.

We encourage local governments, citizens, landowners and community groups to contact us for consultation or advice regarding regulations in your areas. We also encourage readers to review our landmark publication, Oil and Gas At Your Door? A Landowner s Guide to Oil and Gas Development. The guidebook is available on-line at

We wish to thank Western Environmental Law Center and Sarah McMillan for their instrumental partnership in this project. Sarah McMillan was primarily responsible for producing the model regulation specific to the State of Montana.

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