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"Best" Regulations

The Oil and Gas Accountability Project believes that one way to improve oil and gas regulations is to be able to present examples of jurisdictions that have instituted more stringent regulatory requirements. This information provides a backbone argument for stronger regulations - "if they can do it there, we can do it here." Additionally, if companies are abiding by a regulatory requirement in one locale, it strongly suggests that they have developed technologies or practices to meet those requirements.

There is no single country, state, county or municipality that has "the best" set of regulations. We have found, however, numerous examples of very strong provisions from across the country, or, in some cases, from jurisdictions outside of the United States.

Follow the links (COMING SOON!) to find examples of regulations that are more progressive, and more protective of the environment and public health, safety and welfare.

Minimizing Surface Disturbance

Protection of Water

Waste Disposal

Reducing Use of Toxic Chemicals

Minimizing Air Pollution

Reducing Noise


In response to the surge in oil and gas drilling activities in the west, Santa Fe, NM has issued a moratorium on drilling activities until adequate oil and gas regulations can be enacted. The moratorium is currently in effect for 1 year. Read the Moratorium. Several other counties in NM and CO are also considering moratoriums including Rio Arriba County, NM and Huerfano County, CO. Check back for updates on these efforts!

Copperas Cove - Following vocal opposition for residents and aggressive legal tactics by oil and gas copanies, the City Council implemented a 180-day moratorium on drilling permits on Tuesday to allow the city time to review it's ordinance.

As a result of public backlash starting in April, the council has
lately expressed interest in strengthening the city's drilling
regulations and has delayed approving permits several times while gathering citizen input.

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OGAP's Model County Regulations

OGAP has worked with a number of county and municipal governments to enact or improve their oil and gas regulations. Local governments are sometimes limited in what aspects of oil and gas development they can regulate. For example, in Colorado, the noise from oil and gas facilities can only be regulated by the state. To help provide some guidance on what counties can and cannot regulate, OGAP has prepared the following model county regulations for New Mexico and Colorado. Local governments or citizens in other jurisdictions are encouraged to contact us for consultation or advice regarding regulations in your areas. Please note that OGAP is in the process of overhauling both of these model county regulations in response to the many changes. Check back for updates.

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