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The California Coastal Commission launches an investigation of offshore fracking

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By Jennifer Krill

August 19, 2013

We know that fracking is a risky process on dry land. Fracking produces toxic wastewater, risks groundwater and surface land and water contamination, and that companies refuse to disclose the chemicals used in the fracking process or composition of wastewater. Offshore, the potential for things to go wrong are even higher - any failure, spill or well blowout would immediately result in pollution in coastal waters.

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Gasland 2: The Problem and the Solution

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By Jennifer Krill

July 15, 2013

Josh Fox performed a rare feat in cinema – he brought the problem together with the solution – all in one frame.

The scene I’m talking about comes about 2/3 into the new HBO film Gasland 2, when Chris Paine, the filmmaker of Who Killed the Electric Car and Revenge of the Electric Car enters the movie. In addition to making great movies, Chris also lives in Culver City; one of his neighbors is the giant Inglewood oil field. Comprising more than 1000 acres, the oil field and other oil wells around town make Los Angeles home to the largest urban oil and gas field in the country.

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