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J.R. Ewing’s hometown passes ‘de facto’ drilling ban

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By Jennifer Krill

December 12, 2013

Yesterday, the Dallas City Council passed a tough new gas drilling ordinance - a big victory for Dallas residents, and for the rest of the country fighting the fracking boom.

Industry is calling the new ordinance ‘a de facto moratorium against drilling in Dallas.’ The city will now require that oil and gas wells cannot be sited within 1,500 of homes, schools, churches, hospitals, parks, places of employment and many other places protected from the impacts of oil and gas drilling and fracking.

Thanks to the city council, Dallas residents, unlike Forth Worth and many other Texas municipalities, needn’t worry about living adjacent to oil and gas development that threatens community health with air, water and soil pollution.

But this isn’t just a victory for Dallas; the ordinance sets a new bar for all communities considering permitting fracking and other unconventional oil and gas development.  That’s because Dallas knows the oil and gas industry, and drilling is a Texas tradition.  Dallas lies on the western edge of the Barnett Shale where the fracking boom began, so its residents know fracking and its impacts. They’ve been watching their neighbors wrestle with them for years. So if Dallas, Texas passes a de facto ban on fracking, what does that tell the rest of the country?

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Why Anglo walked away from the planet’s richest undeveloped gold deposit

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By Jennifer Krill

September 27, 2013

The BusinessWeek story asks Why Miners Walked Away From the Planet's Richest Undeveloped Gold Deposit and partly answers its own question.

We appreciate the shout-out. But we also want to make it clear that the Bristol Bay Protection pledge and market pressure from the No Dirty Gold campaign are just one part of a broad effort in which dozens of tribes, conservation groups, and business played a part. Credit is due to this diverse coalition of Native Alaskans, commercial and recreational fishermen, chefs, students, and many others.

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