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Another big gas giveaway: PA legislature guts zoning rights

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By Nadia Steinzor

February 8, 2012

There are many tragic and terrible things happening in America’s gas patches. Often residents say that elected officials—ostensibly charged with protecting the public interest—seem to care more about gas industry campaign contributions than the lives of their constituents. Sadly, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, 101 State Representatives, and 31 State Senators just declared them right.

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A Day of Action + Many Voices = Fracking Changes

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By Nadia Steinzor

January 24, 2012

They say that numbers don’t lie—which sure is the truth when it comes to the growing movement against industrial shale gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Yesterday in Albany, more than 800 New Yorkers from across the state were out in force for a Hydrofracking Day of Action, a few hundred more than for the event in 2011.

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