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Health and Safety Concerns Put Jobs in Question

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By Hilary Lewis

May 20, 2014

Oil and gas companies love to wax lyrical about all the jobs they create while calling environmentalists 'anti-jobs', but recent studies have called the quality of oil and gas jobs into question.

To be clear, Earthworks is for jobs.

We are for sustainable (safe, well paying, community sourced) jobs.

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Superhero or Supervillain?

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By Hilary Lewis

February 5, 2014

A fracking company based in Western Pennsylvania has strayed from convention and started naming their wells after superheroes. 

Well names don't typically make the news, they're usually named after the family that leases the property.

But Rice Energy wants their wells to conjur images of Batman and Robin, the Hulk, and most interestingly Captain Planet. In case you're not familiar with this early 90's superhero, IMDB sums the show up as "A quintet of teenagers work together to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour and can summon a superhero to deal with ecological disasters." Exactly how you would imagine a fracking well, right?

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