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Too Much Natural Gas? Let’s Give it to China!

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By Aaron Mintzes

November 9, 2011

Once upon a fairly recent time, as our nation struggled to find the right path toward energy independence, industry and policy makers devoted a great deal of time and money developing the infrastucture capacity to import liquefied natural gas (LNG).  Hailed by many as a clean and viable solution for weening us off of dirtier sources of energy, the promise of LNG seemed limitless. In many places, like my hometown of Baltimore, furious debates raged between concerned community activists (or "insurgents" in the modern parlance of industry fracking officials) and industry representatives on everything from landowner rights, to water quality, to homeland security implications. That was 2007.

Yesterday, I attended a hearing of the US Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  The topic: Markets for Exporting LNG.

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Supercommittee: Follow the Money

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By Aaron Mintzes

November 4, 2011

There are tons of ideas out there to help out the Supercommittee decide which services to cut and revenues to raise. Their report is due on November 23 when we expect that Congress will get to have an up or down vote (that is, no amendments allowed) on their recommendations.

Some of the ideas are better than others. The better ones look at the low hanging fruit: government subsidies of incredibly successful industries-especially the oil, gas, and mining companies. Here are a couple of the good ones.

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