Too Much Natural Gas? Let’s Give it to China!

By Aaron Mintzes

November 9, 2011

Once upon a fairly recent time, as our nation struggled to find the right path toward energy independence, industry and policy makers devoted a great deal of time and money developing the infrastucture capacity to import liquefied natural gas (LNG).  Hailed by many as a clean and viable solution for weening us off of dirtier sources of energy, the promise of LNG seemed limitless. In many places, like my hometown of Baltimore, furious debates raged between concerned community activists (or "insurgents" in the modern parlance of industry fracking officials) and industry representatives on everything from landowner rights, to water quality, to homeland security implications. That was 2007.

Yesterday, I attended a hearing of the US Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  The topic: Markets for Exporting LNG.

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Newmont’s Conga mine brings major clean water problems

By Nick Magel

November 9, 2011

The proposed Conga Mine project, located in the Cajamarca and Celendín provinces in Northern Peru, sits just to the Northeast of Latin America’s largest gold mine, Yanacocha.

As with most mines in this region, water is a major issue with the Conga project.The campesino communities and larger more developed centers rely heavily of the water sources of the region.

It is because of this reliance, and gold mining’s checkered history of contaminating clean water sources, that many communities near the Conga project are protesting the mega mining project.

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Not a good neighbor: fracking industry admits to waging war on communities

By Alan Septoff

November 8, 2011

For a long time, the hydraulic fracturing-enabled drilling industry has been fighting a war to be accepted in communities around the country.

They've been losing the war.

That is, the more they've operated, the more they've polluted, and the worse name they've received.  Thanks to the good work of community groups, Josh Fox, DeSmogBlog, ProPublica, the New York Times, and many, many others, the word has gotten out that you allow the drilling industry into your community at the peril of your drinking water, clean air, and the very fabric of your community.

So industry was (and still is) faced with a choice:

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The Story of Broke: Revenge of the Dinosaurs

By Hilary Lewis

November 8, 2011

I just watched Annie Leonard’s latest short film, “The Story of Broke: Why There’s Still Plenty of Money to Build a Better Future,” and I loved it!

This time around Annie explains how the government could possibly be broke after taking in a trillion dollars a year from taxpayers. Let’s just say the problem isn’t a gold shortage.

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Conga: Peru’s communities won’t trade clean water for Newmont’s mega gold mine

By Nick Magel

November 7, 2011

Peru is once again front and center in Latin America’s new gold rush. Gold is trading at record prices, and multinational mining corporations are developing at record speeds to firm their grip on the precious metal. This blitz, however, is bringing with it a renewed wave of social conflicts and community resistance to these mega mines. It is, in it’s simplest terms, between clean water and dirty gold.

One project making major headlines is Newmont’s Conga project is Northern Peru.

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