Public Meeting: Fracking Risks to Drinking Water for Arlington, Fairfax, DC Metro Area

By Dusty Horwitt

January 17, 2014

Major D.C. area water providers, local governments and conservation organizations have warned that an impending U.S. Forest Service decision on whether to allow fracking and horizontal drilling for natural gas in the George Washington National Forest could threaten a range of resources – including the headwaters of the Potomac River, the D.C. area’s major drinking water source. The Forest Service could make a decision to allow the practice in the coming weeks.

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EPA Says Pebble Mine Could Devastate Bristol Bay Salmon Fishery

By Bonnie Gestring

January 16, 2014

Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency released its final study of the impacts of large-scale mining, including the proposed Pebble Mine, on Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The science is clear. Mining the Pebble deposit will have severe and lasting consequences for the world’s largest wild salmon fishery.

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Intel Goes Conflict Free

By Shreema Mehta

January 15, 2014

Intel, the company that essentially makes the world run with its microprocessors, recently made a game-changing announcement at a Las Vegas electronics convention: this year, it would phase out all "conflict minerals"  from its microprocessors.

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La Intolerancia y el Antiamericanismo Durante una Audiencia del Fracturamiento HidrĂ¡ulico en California

By Jhon Arbelaez

January 13, 2014

El 08 de enero del 2014, asistí a una audiencia pública sobre los propuestos reglamentos de DOGGR al fracturamiento hidráulico y otros métodos de estimulación de pozos en California. Esta reunión tomo lugar en las Oficinas Administrativas del Condado de Kern. 

El Condado de Kern produce casi 80% de todo el petróleo y gas natural en  California. También es el bastión político de la industria petrolera en el estado. Durante la audiencia, conté no menos de 8 representantes de la industria, cerca de una docena de “simpatizantes,” y no menos de 5 empleados de Chevron, los cuales estaban allí para "apoyar los propuestos reglamentos en nombre de su empresa."

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Discrimination, Bigotry and Anti-Americanism at a California Fracking Hearing

By Jhon Arbelaez

January 13, 2014

On January 8, 2014, I attended a public hearing on the proposed DOGGR regulations for fracking and other oil and gas well stimulation in California. This meeting was held at the Kern County Administrative Building.

Kern County produces nearly 80% of all oil and gas in the state. It is also a political stronghold of the oil and gas industry. During the entire hearing, I counted no less than 8 industry representatives, nearly a dozen “outside supporters,” as well as 5 or so Chevron employees who were there to “support the proposed regulations on behalf of the parent company.”

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